Places That Give Away Free Furniture

Places That Give Away Free Furniture



Goodwill is one of the best places to find free furniture. Through their retail stores, you can find a variety of second-hand furniture that may just fit your needs. If you don’t mind a few dings and scratches, second-hand furniture from Goodwill can be a great option. They generally have all kinds of furniture, from kitchen tables and dressers to bed frames and chairs. You can also use Goodwill’s online store to find furniture in your area that is available for free pick-up.


Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore is another great place to find free furniture. ReStore operates like thrift stores, where you can find lightly used furniture at a discounted price. Some item may even be available for free. ReStore is unique in that the furniture and other items that they offer come from donated sources. This means that all the proceeds are used to fund the construction for Habitat for Humanity homes. So you can pick up a few pieces of furniture, while knowing that you’re contributing to a great cause.


Freecycle Network

The Freecycle Network is an online community where members can offer up their used items for others to take. You can search through their online forums for furniture and other items that may be offered. If you are lucky, your local Freecycle Network may have some free furniture that you can pick up.


Yard Sales and Garage Sales

Yard and garage sales are a great resource for finding used furniture. While much of the items found may not be free, you can often negotiate a discounted price for furniture. You can usually find a variety of furniture and items available at yard sales, so it’s worth your time to take a look.


Shelters and Residences

Shelters and residences often have furniture and items that have been donated or discarded. If you approach the individuals who work at the shelters or residence, you may find that they are willing to part with some furniture items for free.


The Dump

The Dump is a type of warehouse that’s designed to get rid of furniture that doesn’t sell. The furniture that is offered here is usually heavily discounted, but if you are able to get there early enough you may be able to find some free items.


Veterans Programs

Many Veterans programs offer assistance to Veterans in need. In some cases, they may provide furniture that is donated or discarded. Contact your local Veterans Affairs office to see what kind of assistance may be available in your area.


Online Ads

You can also check online ads for free furniture. You may find people who are simply getting rid of items that they no longer need. These items may include furniture, so you’ll want to browse through the ads to find out what’s available in your area.


College Campuses

College campuses are a great source of furniture that can be had for free. During the end of the academic year, students are usually in a rush to move out of their dorms and apartments. This means that furniture is often left behind and can be taken advantage of. Just approach the residence hall or apartment complex and inquire about any available furniture, and you may get lucky.


Furniture can be a great addition to any home. And with the right resources and open-mindedness, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. From online ads to thrift stores, there are plenty of places that give away furniture. Check out these ten helpful sources to find the perfect pieces for your home.

Free Furniture from Charities




GreaterGood is a charity dedicated to connecting people with resources in communities across the nation. The organization works with other charities to distribute used furniture to people who need it.


The Salvation Army


The Salvation Army is a Christian charity that strives to help people in need. It operates through a network of local chapters, and many of these chapters have programs that provide free furniture to those in need. You can find a local chapter by searching online or by asking your local community center or church.


Furniture Bank


Furniture Bank is a charity that collects gently used furniture from individuals and corporations and then distributes it to families in need. The organization operates in many areas around the United States, and you can find the closest branch by searching for “Furniture Bank” online.

Where to Find Free Furniture

Community Programs & Organizations

Local ReStores

Local ReStores are a great way to find free furniture donations. These organizations are owned and operated by Habitat for Humanity and they specialize in taking donations of gently used furniture and reselling it for a fraction of its original cost. Generally speaking, you can also find free furniture offered through a local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Furniture Bank Programs

Local furniture banks often partner with local shelters and organizations that work with homeless or low-income families to offer free furniture to those in need. These furniture banks often offer a wide range of furniture, from beds and chairs to couches and dressers.

In-Kind Charitable Organizations

Some organizations may offer free furniture to those in need. These organizations may offer furniture along with other types of in-kind donations. Contact local shelters and charitable organizations to see if they may have free furniture available.

Local Churches & Congregations

Local churches and houses of worship often collect furniture donations and provide free furniture to those in need. Contact nearby churches and congregations to see if they have any furniture available.

Online Resources for Free Furniture Donations

In addition to local resources, furniture donation resources online make it easy to search for free furniture and furniture donation resources nationwide.

Freecycle Network

Freecycle, formally known as The Freecycle Network, allows individuals to connect with others nearby and give away unwanted items for free. It provides a great platform for connecting with others and finding free furniture donations.

GonetDonate is a nonprofit organization that helps to facilitate the transfer of furniture from those who don’t need it to those who do. Donors can list their furniture for free and those who need the furniture can contact the donor to let them know they are interested.

Listing Web Sites

Listing websites, such as Craigslist, are a great way to find free furniture donations. Many individuals may list furniture they no longer need for free on these sites. Always pay close attention to the condition of the furniture and meet with the seller in a safe, public place.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with others and to find free furniture donations. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor are great ways to look for furniture donations. Many will offer free furniture donations or even just post about furniture they no longer need.

The Freecycle Network:
Habitat for Humanity ReStore:

Giving Away Free Furniture

Reasons for Donating Used Furniture

Donating used furniture can provide an enormous contribution to many individuals and families. People are often motivated to donate furniture due to a variety of major life changes, such as a change in residence, downsizing, or a death in the family among other causes. By donating, people are providing much needed assistance to those who are unable to purchase furniture on their own.

Benefits of Donating

There are a number of benefits for donating furniture to those in need. Donating furniture enables those in poverty to furnish their living spaces without having to make a purchase themselves. Additionally, donating furniture has been shown to improve the quality of life for those in need. Donating also encourages sustainability and reduces waste from the landfill as well as saving energy in comparison to buying new furniture.

Where to Donate Furniture

One of the most common places to donate furniture is preferred charity organizations. Examples include Habitat for Humanity, The American Red Cross, Baby2Baby, Goodwill and The Salvation Army. To find a local charity to donate furniture, search online for “donating furniture near me”.

Items That Cannot be Donated

It is important to note that not all furniture items can be donated. For the safety of those receiving furniture, items that are broken, missing parts, or soaked in smoke cannot be donated. Furniture that includes fraying or broken cords or those with exposed stuffing or metal should also be avoided.


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Where to Find Free Furniture

Neighborhood Networks

If you’re in need of furniture, one of the first places you should look is your own neighborhood. Neighborhood networks, such as Nextdoor, are designed to connect members of the community to one another and provide helpful information. Through such networks, those who have extra furniture they no longer need can connect with you and offer it for free. In addition, members of the within the network can help you locate other potential sources of free furniture.

Religious Institutions

Another place you can look for furniture is religious institutions. Some, such as churches, will often collect furniture for people in need. Contact the church to find out if they have any furniture and when it can be collected. You can also search online for churches in your area that accept donations of furniture.

Classifieds Listings

Classifieds listings are another great place to search for free furniture. Many websites, such as Craigslist, allow you to search for furniture based on your location for free. This is a great way to find gently used furniture from people who are willing to giveaway for free. You can even narrow down your search by specific items, such as chairs, beds, and more.

Charities and Non-Profits

Charities and non-profits often have furniture donation programs, with furniture being available to those in need. Contact your local charities or search online to find out if there are any furniture donation programs in your area. Many of these programs will also provide other items such as bedding, clothing, and more.

Furniture Banks

Furniture banks are another great place to look for free furniture. These programs, typically run by charities, provide free furniture to those in need. Furniture banks assess applicants to determine eligibility and provide furniture free of charge. To locate a furniture bank near you, search online or contact local shelters and churches.


When picking up furniture from other people, be sure to practice basic safety protocols such as inspecting the furniture for any damage before taking it home and wear a mask. It is also a good idea to have a friend accompany you for additional safety, especially when meeting strangers.


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