Places That Donate Furniture To Needy Families

Places That Donate Furniture To Needy Families

2 H1: Helping Families Get the Furniture They Need

3 H2: National Organizations for Furniture Assistance

4 H3: Friends of the Family

5 H4: Local Nonprofits

6 H5: Churches

7 H6: Government Services & Programs


Whether a family has outgrown their existing furniture, are struggling with poverty, or have elected to downsize and donate furniture to another family in need, there are many organizations available to help. There are national charities, local nonprofits, churches, and government assistance programs that can help to provide furniture to low-income families.

9 H1: National Organizations for Furniture Assistance

The National Furniture Bank Association connects those in need with local organizations to receive furniture donations. Search the directory of affiliates to find furniture banks in your area, and contact them with your furniture donation request.

11 H2: Friends of the Family

Friends of the Family is an organization that links those that have furniture to donate with those who need it. This organization provides furniture to individuals and families for free or a minimal fee. Contact the organization and follow their instructions when making a donation request.

13 H3: Local Nonprofits

Churches, shelters, and other local organizations are often willing to take furniture donations. Look up local homeless shelters, churches, and other nonprofits online and contact them to find out if they have a furniture donation program. Also check with your local Salvation Army and Goodwill for furniture donations.

15 H4: Churches

Churches are often very willing to help those who are in need. Contact your local church and inquire about a furniture donation program. Many churches have charities or assistance programs in place to help families acquire furniture.

17 H5: Government Services & Programs

The government offers a few options to those in need of furniture assistance. The Department of Social Services can provide furniture to low-income families and individuals. Families or individuals in need can also contact their local Housing Authority or public housing agency to see what options are available. Veterans should contact the VA to learn about assistance programs for furniture donations.

Donate Furniture To Needy Families

Furniture Donation Networks

Giving away furniture can be a great way to contribute to those who are in need. Many organizations, including charities, churches, non-profits, and other organizations run furniture donation networks and accept donations of furniture.

Using a Donation Network

When looking for a place to donate furniture, it’s important to keep in mind that some organizations will only accept gently used furniture that they can then sell. Other organizations may be willing to accept donations of furniture that is in need of repair but may not be able to repair it themselves. Look for furniture donation networks in your area and contact them to find out their requirements and how they will use the furniture.

Local Agencies and Charities

Many local charities and community organizations provide resources to families in need. Contact charities in your area, such as Salvation Army, Goodwill, local churches, and other organizations, to see if they offer furniture donation programs as well as other resources. There may also be other programs in your region that provide furniture to needy families, so check with your local agency.

Giving Furniture to Low-Income Individuals

Charities and non-profits are not the only sources for donating furniture. The housing authority in your area may have a program to provide furniture to low-income individuals, or you can contact services like the United Way to see if there are furniture donation programs in your community. Organizations like the Society of St. Vincent de Paul or city mission may be willing to accept furniture donations to give to those in need.

Online Furniture Donation Portals

There are also online furniture donation portals that you can use to donate furniture to needy families. Sites like Furniture Bank or Freecycle allow you to find families in your area who are in need of furniture and donate directly to them. If you’d like to donate furniture to a family in need but don’t have a local connection, these online portals can be a great way to do so.

Donating Furniture to Needy Families

Where to Find Donated Furniture

Whether you’re filling an empty room in your home or helping a family in need, giving away furniture can be a rewarding experience for any individual or organization. Donated furniture can come from a variety of sources, and each option comes with its own benefits and challenges.

Goodwill and Salvation Army

The Goodwill and Salvation Army are some of the nation’s most notable charitable organizations. Donors can drop off their furniture to a local branch, where it is then resold, reused, or disposed of responsibly. Many of the items donated to Goodwill and the Salvation Army are used to support their operations and further their missions.

Furniture Bank Programs

Furniture Bank programs are designed to provide needy individuals and families with donated furniture. Organizations like the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio allow individuals to make donations of gently used furniture items, which are then made available to individuals and families in need.

Online Resources

Online sites such as Craigslist and Freecycle are popular sources for finding gently used furniture for free. Oftentimes, individuals who would otherwise discard furniture items will offer them to individuals and organizations in need, either for free, or for a small donation.

Government Charities and Non-Profits

In addition to charity organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army, there are many government charities and non-profits dedicated to helping those in need. These organizations receive donated furniture from a variety of sources and can often provide furniture to needy families with very little or no cost.

Working With Local Agencies

Once you’ve located an organization that provides donated furniture to individuals and families in need, you’ll have to work with your local agency or social services office to help locate families who need furniture. Charitable organizations and government agencies often provide furniture to individuals and families on a case-by-case basis, so it’s important to make sure the furniture will be put to good use.

Contacting Non-Profit Organizations

When working with a non-profit, it’s important to make sure you are working with a legitimate organization. You should always verify that the organization is a 501 (c)(3) charity before you make a donation or volunteer your time.

Recycling and Reusing Furniture

When donating furniture to those in need, you can help reduce waste and provide a valuable resource to those in need. By carefully examining the quality of furniture you donate as well as the sources from which you acquire furniture, you can help ensure that donated furniture is recycled or reused in the most efficient and effective manner possible.



Places that Donate Furniture To Needy Families

Shelter and Emergency Assistance Organizations

Many shelters and emergency assistance organizations help low-income families by providing them with essential items, including furniture. Organizations that provide this service include thrift stores, such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul. Typically, these organizations accept donations and use them to help families in need.

Community Programs and Charities

Various community programs and charities help low-income families with furniture needs. In some states, individuals may qualify for assistance through the family-oriented service programs of their respective state departments of social services. Families in some areas may also get furniture donations through churches, soup kitchens, food banks, community action agencies and homeless shelters. Local charities and organizations, such as Freecycle and furniture banks, help connect donors with those in need.

donations Through Manufacturer Giveaways

From time to time, furniture manufacturers donate their products to low-income families. It is possible to keep an eye out for such giveways. People can check the websites of major furniture retailers for information on any furniture donation campaigns. Alternatively, interested persons can contact furniture companies directly for information on such donations.

Contact Benefectors Directly

Individuals may contact potential benefactors, such as friends and family, churches, school districts, libraries, real estate companies and large businesses, directly and ask them for donations. People can also use websites like Craigslist, yard sale websites and regional networking sites to advertise their need for furniture.

Federal Programs

Some non-profit organizations may receive furniture from federal programs that provide assistance to low-income families. These programs include the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, the Community Services Block Grant and the Emergency Assistance Program.


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Donating Furniture to Needy Families in Your Area

Why Donate Furniture?

There are many people in need of furniture in all kinds of communities. Donating used, but still usable furniture to a family in need is an incredible way to make a difference in people’s lives. Every day, there are countless people who cannot even afford to purchase the most basic furniture pieces such as beds, couches, armchairs, and tables. Your contribution to someone in need is invaluable.

Organizations That Donate Furniture to Needy Families

There are plenty of organizations around the country that are dedicated to helping families in need. Whether organizations acquire furniture from donations or purchase them, they dedicate their time and resources to providing furniture to needy families. Here are some of the organizations that provide furniture:

Furniture Bank

Furniture Bank is a non-profit organization that recovers used furniture from donations and provides them to struggling families. They also provide basic household items such as kitchen accessories and other furniture pieces.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is an international organization that provides humanitarian aid to people in need. They distribute furniture for free to families who cannot afford to purchase them.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a global organization that focuses on providing safe housing to people in need. Their goal is to provide furniture to those in need so that they can create a functional home.


Goodwill is a non-profit organization that relies on donations to provide furniture to people in need. Goodwill stores feature a variety of second-hand furniture that is available for purchase at affordable prices.

Where to Find Other Organizations

In addition to these organizations, there are many more out there that provide furniture to people in need. To find other organizations, search online for organizations in your area that provide furniture. Organizations such as churches, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters are often in need of furniture donations.

How Donations Make a Difference

Your donation can make a major difference in the lives of people in need. Furniture donations can help provide people with a functional home and can help them feel comfortable and secure. So, the next time you are getting rid of furniture, consider donating it to a family in need.


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