Free Gas Vouchers 2015

Free Gas Vouchers 2015


What are Free Gas Vouchers?

Free Gas Vouchers are promotional vouchers that enable consumers to receive discounts off the purchase of petrol or diesel. Many organisations offer free gas vouchers as incentives to customers, either on sign up to for example a loyalty scheme or simply as a special offer.


Where Can I Get Free Gas Vouchers?

Free Gas Vouchers can be obtained from petrol stations and convenience stores, via mail-order and online. Many supermarkets offer special promotion vouchers that can be redeemed in a variety of petrol stations, often nationwide. You can find out about ongoing promotions from your local petrol station or via their websites.


What Should I Do Before I Redeem My Free Gas Vouchers?

There are a few things you need to consider when redeeming free gas vouchers:

Read the Terms and Conditions

It is important to read the terms and conditions attached to the voucher before you redeem it. There may be limitations on where you can use the voucher and what discounts are offered.

Check Expiry Date

Whether you receive the voucher by post or online, make sure you check that your voucher can be used in time.

Choose your Pump Carefully

Be aware that depending on the type of gas voucher you have, it may need to be collected at a specific type of pump or from a specific brand of petrol station. Make sure you choose the right pump in order to redeem the voucher.


Redeeming Your Free Gas Vouchers

When you are ready to redeem your free gas vouchers:

Present the Voucher at the Pump

Make sure the attendant sees the voucher before they start to process your payment. This will ensure that you get the correct discount.

Cash or Credit Card?

If you are using a cash voucher, present the voucher and cash together. If you are using a credit card voucher, present the voucher and only the card you wish to pay with.

Receive your Discount

The attendant should now deduct the correct amount from the cost of your petrol. If the amount deducted does not match the amount stated on the voucher, contact the retailer and inform them of the discrepancy.


Other Uses of Free Gas Vouchers

Gifts and Rewards

Free Gas Vouchers make great gifts for family and friends, and also rewards for loyalty programmes.


Many retailers offer free gas voucher giveaways in support of charity initiatives. These vouchers can usually be used by everyone and can last all year long.

Business Use

Companies can use free gas vouchers to reward employees. This can help to motivate employees and aid in retention.



Free gas vouchers are the perfect way to save money on your petrol costs, and to help you participate in fundraising events and reduced-cost promotional deals. Make sure you check the terms and conditions before redeeming a voucher, and collect the correct discount when you pay.

Get Free Gas Vouchers this Dec 2015

To provide some economical relief during this holiday season, many organizations are offering free gas vouchers to those in need. These vouchers are usually free of cost and can be used to buy fuel at any participating gas station. Whether you are a student or part time employee, you can take advantage of these offers to fill your car with fuel at no extra cost. In this article, you will find out how to avail free gas vouchers in December 2015.

Eligibility Criteria and Rules for Free Gas Voucher Offer

The eligibility criteria for availing free gas vouchers may differ from organization to organization. Generally, those who have low income or are unemployed can avail these vouchers. You may be asked to submit an application form along with proof verifying the nature of your employment and household income. If you live in state or municipality which offers free gas vouchers, then you can avail the benefits offered in your locality as well. Be sure to provide all the required information in the application form and submit it before the scheduled deadline.

Where to Get Free Gas Vouchers

If you meet the criteria, then you can avail free gas vouchers by contacting your local agencies or non-profit organizations. For example; you can visit the local community coalitions or government offices to inquire about these offers. There are many charitable organizations who also provide free gas vouchers. You can contact your state local government for more information about free gas vouchers.

How to Redeem Free Gas Vouchers

Once you receive the voucher, it can be redeemed at any designated petrol pump or gas station. You will be asked to show valid photo ID before redeeming the voucher. Always read the terms and conditions carefully before redeeming these vouchers. Make sure that you know all the information about the vouchers including the applicable time frame and limit on the number of times you can use them.


The free gas vouchers are offered by some non-profit organizations, government agencies and charities to provide economical relief to those in need. You must meet specific eligibility criteria to avail these vouchers. Be sure to read the fine print before redeeming them for fuel. These vouchers can be easily redeemed at any authorized gas station within the allotted time frame.


Free Gas Vouchers 2015: Fuel Your Car for Free

Discover Where to Obtain Gas Vouchers in 2015

Overview of Free Gas Vouchers

Free gas vouchers are an excellent way to help individuals save money on the cost of gasoline. In 2015, there are numerous opportunities to obtain free gas vouchers. This article will provide an overview of the various ways individuals, churches and government programs may provide free gas and fuel in 2015.

Private and Public Charities

Charitable organizations such as UnitedWay, The Salvation Army and the Catholic Charities provide various types of gas vouchers as a form of assistance. To qualify for help, individuals must meet certain eligibility requirements and make an appointment to apply.

National Fuel Fund Network

The National Fuel Fund Network is a non-profit organization that offers assistance with the cost of fuel and heating costs. Multiple states, including the states of California, Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, and Missouri, offer assistance through this organization. The support provided by the National Fuel Fund Network is based on financial and geographic eligibility.

Emergency Fuel Assistance Programs

In addition to national fuel assistance networks, many individual states provide emergency fuel assistance. The availability of emergency aid funds depends on the state and local area where the family lives. In some cases, assistance may be available to provide individuals with fuel at no cost.


National Fuel Fund Network
United Way of Salt Lake City
The Salvation Army USA
Catholic Charities USA
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Free Gas Vouchers 2015

Why You May Need A Free Gas Voucher

Gas prices can often be a financial burden for many; it is the lifeblood of transportation and an expense that needs to be paid on a regular basis. For those with a low income, affording enough gas to reach employment or maintain basic transportation needs can often be difficult. Several organizations have made it their mission to help those with limited funds by offering free gas vouchers.

Who Qualifies?

Different organizations and churches have different requirements to qualify for free gas vouchers, but they are generally limited to those with a stable, low income. Many places also prioritize those who are actively seeking employment or can demonstrate a legitimate immediate need. People who are homeless may also be eligible for assistance.

How to Apply

Free gas voucher programs are not widely publicized. Those in need are often best served by first searching for assistance organizations in their vicinity.

Organizations or churches may offer these vouchers directly, or may direct applicants to other groups that are more specifically suited to provide the necessary assistance.

How Much Will I Get?

Vouchers are typically offered in denominations of $25 or less, although the exact amount of money varies by program. Some organizations also provide gas cards that can be used to purchase fuel.


Free Gas Vouchers in 2015

Understanding Free Gas Vouchers

Gas vouchers are available to many people on a limited basis each fiscal year. These vouchers can be used to purchase gas at a variety of retailers, allowing people to save money on their daily commute or other transportation needs. In 2015, many individuals and households can qualify for free gas vouchers.

Free Gas Voucher Qualifications

To qualify for free gas vouchers, individuals must meet certain income and other criteria. Vouchers are typically available to households whose total gross income is no more than twice the Federal poverty level. In Texas, for example, families of four may qualify if their total gross income is at or below $76,857. Additionally, a variety of state and federal programs, including food stamps/SNAP, Medicaid, disability and some housing assistance, may qualify a household for a free gas voucher.

How to Get Free Gas Vouchers

In most cases, individuals must go through a screening process to determine their eligibility for free gas vouchers. The screening process may involve providing information to officials such as identity, income and other related documents. Once eligibility is determined, the voucher can be issued and used across multiple retailers.

Where to Find Free Gas Vouchers

Free gas vouchers are available through a variety of local, state and national government agencies, including community outreach organizations. Many states will provide this type of assistance to those in need through their own emergency assistance programs. It’s also possible to find free gas vouchers through private, non-profits organizations that provide other types of government-funded assistance.

Using Free Gas Vouchers

Free gas vouchers are typically usable for short period of time, usually six months or less. They are also limited to specific retailers that are approved by the state and federal agencies. Strict limits and guidelines are imposed by the government, usually to prevent fraud and misuse.


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