Catholic Charities Furniture Vouchers

Catholic Charities Furniture Vouchers


What Are Catholic Charities Furniture Vouchers?

Catholic Charities Furniture Vouchers provide essential household furniture and furnishings to people in need on a short-term basis. Recipients use these vouchers to buy furniture from participating businesses. The voucher covers the cost of the furniture and then is turned in to Catholic Charities for reimbursement. Furniture vouchers are available to those in need of furniture that would otherwise be unable to purchase it.


Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for a Catholic Charities furniture voucher, individuals must meet certain requirements. Applicants must be in a financial need, and documentation proving their need is required. Furthermore, applicants must live in the area served by the specific Catholic Charities office that they are applying to. To determine eligibility, applicants must provide proof of income, housing Verification, social security numbers, and a valid photographic ID.


How to Apply

To apply for a Catholic Charities furniture voucher, applicants must contact their local Catholic Charities office. Applicants will be notified of when their application has been received and are asked to provide the necessary documentation to prove eligibility. If the person meets the eligibility requirements, they will be placed onto a waiting list. When vouchers become available, they will be notified and can redeem their voucher for furniture.


Voucher Program Guidelines

The voucher program has certain guidelines in place to ensure that everyone receives their furniture and that recipients are satisfied with their purchases. Before recipients use their voucher for furniture, they must be approved by Catholic Charities and sign the voucher guarantee form. Recipients must bring the voucher to the store where they will be making their purchase. They are responsible for finding the furniture they need and have a certain amount of time to do so, determined by the Catholic Charities office. It is important for recipients to note any damage to the furniture and any discrepancies between the offered item and the item the voucher was originally issued for.


Types of Furniture Offered

The types of furniture offered with a Catholic Charities furniture voucher vary by location, but typically include living room, bedroom, kitchen, and other furniture such as couches, chairs, dressers, tables, lamps, beds, mattresses, comforters, and bedding. Appliances may also be available in some areas.


Additional Resources

Catholic Charities occasionally offer additional resources to those receiving furniture vouchers. These resources usually include mattress covers, bedding, and other necessary items. Individuals should ask their local office if these resources are available in their area.



Catholic Charities Furniture Vouchers provide essential furniture to those in need in a short-term basis. Applying for a voucher is relatively simple, but applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements and provide proof of financial need. Furthermore, those receiving vouchers must abide by the voucher program guidelines and receive their furniture in order to receive reimbursement from Catholic Charities. Lastly, Catholic Charities may offer additional resources to those using these vouchers.

Catholic Charities Furniture Vouchers


What is a Furniture Voucher?

A furniture voucher is an assistance program offered by Catholic Charities that provides vouchers to individuals and families in need of furniture, household items and other basic necessities. This program is designed to help individuals and families who are facing financial hardship and cannot afford to purchase necessary items.


Who Qualifies for a Furniture Voucher?

Furniture vouchers are available to those who meet the needs criteria for Catholic Charities. This includes individuals who are homeless, low-income families, seniors on fixed-incomes, individuals with disabilities, and others at risk of becoming homeless.


What Types of Items are Available With a Voucher?

A voucher from Catholic Charities can be used to purchase a variety of items, including furniture, bedding, kitchenware, television, electronics, children’s items, and more. These items are donated by partnering organizations and are available in limited quantity.


How to Apply for a Furniture Voucher?

Individuals and families interested in acquiring a Furniture Voucher from Catholic Charities should contact their local Catholic Charities branch for information on eligibility requirements, documentation needed, and how to apply.


Direct Assistance Program

In addition to the Furniture Voucher program, Catholic Charities also offers a Direct Assistance program, which provides items such as clothing, food, diapers, and other hygiene items. For more information on this program, please visit the Catholic Charities website.


How to Donate to Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities relies on donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations to fund their various assistance program. Individuals can donate directly or through the online donation portal. Donations of furniture and other items are also accepted and appreciated.



Catholic Charities’ Furniture Voucher program is designed to help individuals and families in need of furniture and other household items. This program is run through local branches of Catholic Charities and relies on donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations to continue providing these essential services. To learn more about Catholic Charities, or to donate to this cause, please visit their website.

Catholic Charities Furniture Vouchers

What is a Furniture Voucher?

A Furniture Voucher is an offer from Catholic Charities that is provided to people in need who are transitioning from homelessness or have recently been placed in permanent housing. This program also supports those in need of family or infant furniture.

Who Can Receive a Voucher?

Catholic Charities Furniture Voucher program is limited to households in need who have been homeless or are transitioning to permanent housing. In order to qualify, a family or individual must demonstrate financial hardship, be part of a program under Catholic Charities, and live in a Catholic Charities housing program, if applicable.

What Do Vouchers Cover?

The Catholic Charities Furniture Voucher program covers essentials which may include beds, dressers, living and dining room furniture, household appliances, and other furniture for living in a home.

How to Apply for a Voucher?

In order to receive a Furniture Voucher, potential applicants must contact their nearest Catholic Charities agency. This application process requires a face-to-face meeting with a case manager and must provide information regarding financial hardship and income verification.

Where Can I Use a Voucher?

Once an individual is issued a voucher, they can redeem it at their local Catholic Charities-affiliated location. A list of locations can be found on the Catholic Charities website. The voucher is good for a one-time purchase at any of these locations, and can cover up to $1,000 in furniture with a possible additional one-time purchase of refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers.


Catholic Charities furniture vouchers provide much-needed assistance to those transitioning from homelessness or recently placed in permanent housing. These vouchers can provide essential furniture items that can make a difference in the lives of those in need. With the support of Catholic Charities, it is possible for people in need to live more comfortably and secure a better future.


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The Value of Catholic Charities Furniture Vouchers

What are Furniture Vouchers?

Furniture vouchers are a unique initiative created by Catholic Charities USA, a national organization dedicated to providing a safety net of services for vulnerable individuals and families. These vouchers provide those in need with the resources they need to purchase furniture, so they can create a comfortable and healthy living environment.

Who Can Receive a Furniture Voucher?

Furniture vouchers are available to Catholic Charities’ clients, including individuals and families at risk of homelessness or other crisis events. To be eligible to receive a voucher, a Catholic Charities staff member must complete a full assessment to determine an individual’s need.

Where Can I Use Furniture Vouchers?

Furniture vouchers can be used at any Catholic Charities partner store. These stores specialize in providing quality furniture at a greatly discounted price.

What is the Benefit of Furniture Vouchers?

Furniture vouchers offer clients a great way to upgrade their living environment. They can choose from among a variety of products, including bedroom, living room, and dining room items, as well as beds and mattresses.

What if I Can’t Afford to Repay the Furniture Voucher?

In some cases, an applicant’s finances are too strained to make it possible to repay the voucher. If this is the case, then Catholic Charities may be able to offer them some form of assistance in order to help with repayment of the voucher.

Where Can I Find Additional Information on the Catholic Charities Furniture Voucher?

Additional information on the Catholic Charities Furniture Voucher Program can be found on the organization’s website. Additionally, individuals can contact their local Catholic Charities office for more information about programs and services in their area.


Catholic Charities USA:

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Catholic Charities Furniture Vouchers

What is Catholic Charities Furniture Vouchers?

Catholic Charities assists people in need across the country by providing them with resources, such as furniture vouchers. Catholic Charities Furniture Voucher Program is a type of voucher provided to families and individuals who are in need of furniture for their home. They might not otherwise be able to afford it.

Who Qualifies for Catholic Charities Furniture Vouchers?

The qualifications for acceptance into the program vary by location and are based on the discretion of the staffing team at Catholic Charities. However, most locations have the same general requirements, including a minimum household income that is lower than the local median family income level and a demonstrated need for basic furniture.

How the Voucher Program Works

The furniture voucher program provided by Catholic Charities is designed to ensure that families and individuals in need can furnish their home with the basic necessities. The Catholic Charities staff works with families to determine their needs and issues a voucher to be used at a local partner store. Families are then provided with furniture at a discounted price in order to give them a better quality of life.

Benefits of the Voucher Program

The Catholic Charities Furniture Voucher Program can provide people in need with the basic necessities to furnish and decorate their home. This program can provide individuals and families with better quality furniture at a discounted price. In addition, they are also provided with access to furniture that they may have never been able to obtain without the assistance from Catholic Charities.

Where to Apply for the Program

To apply for the program, you can visit the Catholic Charities website and find your local chapter. If you do not see a chapter nearby, you can be directed to local resources that may be able to help you. Additionally, you can always contact your local Catholic Charities to learn more about their furniture voucher program.


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